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Garage Door Repair in Florence, OH

Our team at Garage Door Repair in Florence, Ohio is always able to take care of all your garage door needs. Our techs are highly skilled and can repair or install any kind of garage door system. Let us help take care of any of your garage door problems today.

When You Need To Call A Professional

If you need a little extra help our techs our techs more than happy to be there. Our techs are able to replace any parts, install new ones, and they can even troubleshoot any problems you are having with your garage door. We are dedicated to getting all of our jobs done in a timely manner. No matter if you are needing torsion springs replaced or needing a new garage door installed, we can do it all. When it comes to garage doors they can be complicated to install, so that is why it is important to let the professionals do it for you. Our techs will grease all of the garage door parts that need it.

Many Reasons Your Garage Door Needs To Be Serviced

Keeping your garage door serviced on a regular base is very important in keeping your door in good shape. By getting a tech to service your garage door regularly it keeps all your parts up to date while also staying in good working order. Our techs will also be able to let you know about any concerns they may have about your system while they are out checking it. Take a look at the list we have made below. There are multiple things that you should be able to check yourself.
  • When someone is walking through make sure to check the eye on the door to be sure that is stopping.
  • You need to always make sure you keep the batteries changed on a regular base.
  • It is also a good idea to check your door and make sure it is not out of balance.
This is only a short list of things that you are able to check yourself. Our techs are ready to help you and solve your garage door problems.

What To Do When Your Garage Door Parts Break

There are many things on your garage door that should be checked regularly for any kind of damage. The parts listed need to always be checked:
  • Cables - cables are capable of causing many problems if they were to snap and break. Rust is something to keep an out for.
  • Springs - springs are able to rust which can cause them to break. If rust starts to be present in the springs, you are urged to replace them.
  • Rollers -  rollers should be round and smooth at all times, but over time will start to wear down and get holes.
All of the parts that we have listed should be checked on a regularly, so they can be changed as they should be. Our techs make sure they check all of the parts to make sure they are in good shape with no damages. Making sure your parts work together so that your garage door works properly. If you don’t keep them checked it can cost you more in the long run.

Emergency Problems

We know that no one likes for emergencies to pop-up, but our team can be there to help you in no time to fix the problem. If your garage door happens to break or you have a spring problem our team can repair it. Don’t wait when an emergency happens just contact us as soon as possible.

Let Our Team Take Care Of You

Let our company at Garage Door Repair take care of all your problems today. We are devoted to always making our customers happy.

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